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A activation email has been sent to you. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Sitemap Index. Labrosse , Jack G. With that being said, how do you make sure the skills you have are the most relevant? Here are some of the areas that it would be good to keep up with or add to your skill set if you are an embedded engineer.

The Internet of Things IoT is the next big boom in technology and staying abreast with the latest advances in sensors, actuators and cloud infrastructure is quickly becoming a necessity for most embedded engineers. Real-time operating systems: Engineers who learn a formal structured development processes while working with a real-time operating system RTOS are in high demand. They have acquired the necessary discipline to develop any kind of safety-critical product and they also understand the idea of concurrency. In short, they know how to protect resources from other tasks using the service unexpectedly, while maintaining performance.

Wireless connectivity: Wireless is the future of technology.

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There are various wireless protocol stacks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE in the market to suit different needs for speed, distance and data bandwidth. Understanding these protocols and being able to decipher and design with them is necessary in this emerging connected world. As embedded applications become more and more complex, the separation between embedded programmers and application programmers is rapidly closing.

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Technology improvements are making microprocessors faster, smaller and cheaper, such that resource constraints are slowly disappearing. Soon standardized platforms similar to PC operating systems will run on very small devices, in fact with Android, it is already happening.

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However, a solid understanding of the basics will still enable you to keep up with improvements and learn faster because at the very core of it, it all comes down to two bits — 0 and 1. Home Insights. Pramad Nallari. Here are some of the areas I think a good embedded software engineer should be adept at and focusing on: Think like a systems engineer: It is essential for embedded software engineers to have a systems orientation.