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Municipal Courts

When you are summoned to court for any reason, you must appear. If you have been charged with breaking the law — even minor traffic offenses — you must appear in court unless told otherwise by an authorized court official. Failing to do so could lead to serious consequences for you. You are required by law to show up to court on the specified date and time. If you choose to skip the court date, you may be charged with the offense of failing to appear in court. It is a criminal offense to fail to appear in court. In addition to fees and fines, there will generally be a warrant issued for your arrest.

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The original charge does not disappear; this charge will also be added. For example, failing to show up in court for an impaired driving would mean that you will have two sets of charges before the court, the original driving offense, as well as the new fail to appear in court charge. If a judge has to issue a bench warrant for your arrest, the following legal consequences could apply:. It is important that you hire a lawyer if you have been charged with a failure to appear in court.

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We will use our experience, resources, knowledge, and skills to help you plead your case to the courts, to ensure the most favourable result to you in the circumstances. The way youth offenses are handled typically differ from how an adult offense is handled. Youth offenses, such as petty-theft and mischief can be less serious than if the youth is charged with….


What is considered a weapon? Most people think of…. THEFT Being charged with theft could lead to serious legal consequences, but an experienced lawyer can help defend you in the court of law, and possibly have your case dismissed, or if conviction, your sentence reduced.

Failure to Appear for a Traffic Case

What is Theft? When you take something from someone — without their permission — that is considered theft. Your license will be suspended until the ticket is resolved.

Please note the total process can take two months, so you are advised to start immediately. Honorable Timothy C. Evans, Chief Judge. Home Court Locations Contact Us. Saturday, September 21, Failure to Appear - "09" Suspension This is the most common reason for a suspended license violation in this court.

If You Ignore Your Ticket - traffic_selfhelp

This suspension occurs in those instances where a defendant has given his or her driver's license as bail or executed a promise to comply when issued a traffic ticket and has failed to attend court or respond to the citation. The suspension remains in effect until the driver goes to court and responds to the previously issued citation and the driver record is updated. If your ticket was issued in Cook County: Contact the courthouse where the matter is pending and make arrangements to appear or to pay the ticket.

Once you pay the fine for the ticket, you will receive a receipt, a transcript or both. Be prepared to give your driver's license number.

Courtroom Locations. Courtroom Schedules.

Court Supervision. Driver's License Sanctions. DUI Arrests on or after January 1 Frequently Asked Questions. If Your Appearance Is Required.