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Guardian's Faith

Documentary follows Pastafarians as they strain for recognition. Film-maker has spent three years showing how the colander-wearing religion is more than a joke. Our intention has always been to develop high quality V:TES cards continuing the high standard set in the past, and to make them freely and publicly available for personal use. We are not interested in making any monetary profit. In April, we promised the public we would offer the V:EKN the opportunity to review and sanction the use of our set for tournament play, and in August, we did this.

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Having completed the development cycle, we are nonetheless pleased to show the wider player base the fruits of our labor and wish to thank everyone who playtested our cards and acknowledge their dedication and hard work. We understand that our cards are derivative works thereof and thus require copyright protection.

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In order to both maintain the integrity of our work and protect our intellectual property and that of others, we are asserting creative control of our work through the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3. We have art descriptions for all our cards ready for use.

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This is reckless. You guys just took a big dump on the good news we received recently.

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Shoghi Effendi was to accompany his grandfather on his journeys to the West but was unable to proceed after port authorities in Naples prevented Shoghi Effendi from continuing due to illness. As Guardian, Shoghi Effendi held a new and distinct role. In his writings, Shoghi Effendi delineates a distinct separation of powers between the "twin pillars that support this mighty Administrative Structure—the institutions of the Guardianship and of the Universal House of Justice.

On November 19, , nine of the Hands of the Cause issued an "Official Statement" after searching through Shogi Effendi's personal effects in Haifa, Israel, affirming that "the safe and desk have been opened and searched and the non existence of a Will and Testament executed by Shoghi Effendi was definitely established. The remaining 26 Hands of the Cause unanimously declared Remey and whoever followed him Covenant-breakers. The Universal House of Justice later announced that it could not legislate to make possible the appointment of a successor Guardian to Shoghi Effendi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oxford: Oneworld Publications. The Priceless Pearl Hardcover ed. Shoghi Effendi in Oxford.