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Daisy Williams. Deborah Perry. Meals That Heal. Charissa Wigger. Best Smoothies for Kids. Deborah Harroun. The Healthy Lunchbox. Fiona Beckett. Lindsay Parsons. Patricia Joule. Spice Yourself Slim. Kalpna Woolf. Cook Eat Love Grow. Louise Westerhout. Alexis McKenzie. They have been on an incredible spice trip to all corners of the world to discover the secrets of six essential everyday spices and poured the best recipes, therapies and mementoes from their journey onto the pages of this book for us all to take home and use. While there are some recipes to throw up a challenge to the hardiest of chilli fans, these spice-infused dishes appeal to all tastes.

Some are hot, some sweet, some subtle, and they're all special and really easy to cook. And as well as exploring the culinary uses of each spice, Emma also reveals their therapeutic value through the secrets she discovered from the incredible people she met on her journey. With over thoroughly tested recipes, therapies and photography from an incredible journey, let Spice Trip transform your cooking and your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Homemade coconut milk is much more delicate and lighter than shop-bought. Signout Sign in Create an account. Paul Hollywood. Previous Next Show Grid.

Previous Next Hide Grid. Award-winning chef Stevie Parle and professional spice blender Emma Grazette come together in this new show to expand their spice horizons. After all, adding spice is the simplest way to make food exciting.

Spice Trip : Emma Grazette :

Journeying to some truly exotic countries, they meet the experts who grow spices and use them every day. By SBS Food. Episode 1: Chillies, Mexico Stevie and Emma head to Oaxaca, where chillies go back 7, years and every local is an aficionado.

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  7. Stevie Parle and Emma Grazette’s Spice Trip.
  8. Huevos divorciados is a common Mexican breakfast dish and is basically jazzy fried eggs. This simple, fresh salsa recipe brings a bit of zing to lovely grilled fish like red snapper, sardines or mackerel. This ice-cream sundae is a play on the classic pairing of pepper and strawberry. Any leftover jerk-spiced marinade from this recipe can be stored in the fridge for a few days.

    Fluffy ricotta hotcakes are a perfect breakfast whatever the weather. Just add spice. More from Emma and Stevie from Spice Trip: personal culinary postcards, read our cookbook review and our Spice Merchant diaries.


    Readable feasts: Spice Trip. Stevie Parle's a UK restauranteur and food writer, while Emma Grazette makes holistic and unusual beauty products using spices. Culinary postcard: Galle, Sri Lanka. Stevie Parle, co-host of our upcoming show Spice Trip, is a restaurateur, food writer and culinary adventurer. Culinary postcard: Oaxaca, Mexico. The tricky to pronounce region of Oaxaca wa-haca sits in the southern parts of Mexico, miles south of Mexico city and is home to colonial architecture, ri.

    Spice Trip : The Simple Way to Make Food Exciting

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